About CASS Education Design Studio (EDS)

The CASS Education Design Studio (EDS) team is dedicated to supporting and helping teaching staff at the college succeed in the delivery of their courses. From course design and development to training and exploring new educational technologies, the team focuses on combining pedagogy and technology to enhance teaching practices and promote innovation in this space. The team has expertise in learning design, multimedia content creation, 3D modeling, and the use of educational technologies. So please contact us at education.cass@anu.edu.au if you are looking to innovate, re-design or develop your course!

Our Latest Project – Visualising the Sts. Peter and Paul’s Old Cathedral

In 2019, we worked with Dr Duncan Wright to create a visualisation of the Sts. Peter and Paul’s Old Cathedral for ARCH3030 – Archaeology of Ritual and Religion. You can tryout the virtual walkthrough of the Cathedral below.

Additionally, we created a series of 3D models of the artifacts excavated at the Cathedral so that students can observe these artifacts for their significance.

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