Open Education Resources

Open Educational Resources are teaching, learning and research resources like media, texts or other digital objects that are free and open licensed. OER (for short) are becoming increasingly important for a range of reasons for example:   

Economical – with education budgets shrinking both students and teachers need access to resources that are cost free but still of good quality. 

Usability – because of the open nature of these resources, it gives the teachers the opportunity to customise many of them and/or used them to supplement their own materials without additional cost in terms of money and time. 

Expertise at everybody’s reach – many OER materials are created by experts in their field or resources come from specialised institutions or organisations giving students the opportunity to learn from the best sources. 

All of this at no cost except the time it takes to find the resources. In this page we have collected a range of OER for you to explore and utilise in your teaching. 

OER Resources