Hello Out There: Reflections On Remote Teaching of a Large Discussion Based Class

Dr Rachael Brown, School of Philosophy

It is tempting to simply put together your lectures for remote delivery just like you would for on-campus instruction, turn up at the empty theatre, and simply hit “record” on Echo360. For all but the most entertaining lecturer, however, this is sure to see low levels of student engagement and enthusiasm. The typically poor audio quality and length of these videos make them far for ideal in a remote delivery context. In this presentation I will demonstrate some easy tips and techniques for upping the game on your online video recording gleaned from remote delivery of a large introductory philosophy course (300 students) in Semester I 2020. Simple video editing, formatting and ways to make recorded content interactive will be discussed.

Speaker Bio

Dr. Rachael Brown is the Director of the Centre for Philosophy of the Sciences in the School of Philosophy, RSSS. Rachael’s research concerns the nature of the animal mind, the evolution of cognition and evolutionary explanation. Her research is truly interdisciplinary and has had an impact in within the humanities as well as the sciences and related areas of public policy. Rachael also has a particular interest in public philosophy and communicating her research beyond the academy. As a teacher Rachael’s classes are noted for their focus on student interaction and drawing connections between philosophy and real world issues.


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