Enhance academic experiences with non-AI chatbots

Aslam Abbas, Collect.Chat

Chatbots have moved on from being a buzz-word to a real-world tool to make the web more human-friendly. For the past three years, Aslam has been working towards making online interactions, better through human-friendly chatbots with his company, Collect.chat. Rather than building AI chatbots, Aslam’s approach is to keep it as simple as possible. His company empowers anyone to build an interactive conversation and publish it in minutes.

These chatbots are very powerful in engaging online users. It guides them and in the process collects valuable data. He will give a walk though the product his team has been building and also share insights on how interactive chatbots can enhance the academic experience for both students and professors. Aslam hopes to help the staff and team to save time, avoid repetitive tasks and automate as much as possible.

Speaker Bio

Aslam comes from a diverse professional background. From being a Software Engineer to a Consultant at Red Hat, he currently wears the hat of Co-founder at Collect.chat. Aslam aims to improve online user experiences through human-friendly interactions. With Collect.chat he helps businesses gain more leads and customer data through simple conversations. It’s a platform where anyone can create conversations in minutes.

While he is not working, he enjoys connecting with new people, learning their problems and attempting to solve them. He is also an avid jump-rope fan and into outdoor cycling trips.

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