Attendance Tool

Attendance activity

In Wattle there is a special activity tool that allows you to record and grade attendance in your classes. While you can easily use the download feature in the gradebook to download your class list as an excel spreadsheet and manually record attendance the Attendance activity tool in Wattle makes the task easier to complete and to interrogate if needed.

The Attendance activity allows you to: set dates for attendance, set values for the attendance you can include in gradebook, have the students monitor their attendance.
Although it takes a little bit of time to set it up correctly, once done, it is easy to administer during the semester. Remember, however, that you can have only 1 Attendance activity per course.

How to

This video explains how to set up the Attendance activity

or you can use the instructions provided by the Moodle community here

Other ways to keep attendance records

In Zoom you can easily track attendance from the reports that Zoom generates (see link below on how to find the reports)

Alternatively, you can create a short activity to be completed in the chat at the beginning of your session in such a way that the names of all students present in the session will be recorded. The chat is automatically saved when you record session or you can also manually download it at the end of each session.

ECHO360 Active Learning provides you with analytics to monitor the participation, although is not an attendance tool per se, it will give you a good insight on how your students are engaging with video lectures and could be a valuable way, especially in fully online courses, to monitor student participation.