CASS Wattle Template

This year the EDS team is launching a Wattle Template to facilitate the use of Wattle across CASS. The idea of the template is to provide a readymade structure that can be populated with resources, information, assessment, etc. to suit your particular needs. 

One of the most common feedback we receive from students using Wattle is that sometimes sites are difficult to navigate, it is not always obvious how things are structured, resources are difficult to find or there is a lot of scrolling involved to find what is needed. Students also say that some consistency across all courses they take would greatly improve the usability of Wattle. 

The template offers an organised and clear structure with tips and guidance in a separate block for you to use that are not visible to students. 

Like any other initiative from the EDS, do not hesitate to contact us at if you want to know more or need help with the Template. 

View Demo Template: