Taking the leap: integrating new approaches into teaching and learning

Christina Clarke, Centre for Art History & Art Theory

There is growing pressure on educators in higher education to explore new approaches in teaching, with a proliferation of novel techniques such as the flipped classroom, new resources such as technology-enhanced teaching facilities and increasing promotion of pedagogical theory in higher education. This pressure has been exacerbated by the switch to online teaching with COVID-19 lockdowns. For many HE educators, the idea of re-configuring the way we teach can seem intimidating, perhaps unnecessary, and that it requires more work when we are already time-poor. However, trying new approaches does not have to be onerous. Even small changes go a long way in improving not only the learning experience but also the teaching experience. In my own teaching, I have experimented with a range of new techniques to enhance teaching and learning in line with recent pedagogical theory. In this presentation I will talk about and reflect on some of the innovations I have made in my courses, both big and small, with relation to delivery style, authentic assessment and technology-enhanced learning. Using resources provided by the university, innovations of any scale are possible, providing positive benefits for students and educators.

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Dr Christina Clarke is a lecturer at the ANU Centre for Art History and Theory. Her research and teaching broadly encompass historical and contemporary design and material culture, and early modern visual culture. Christina explores digital methodologies for academia, employing technology-enhanced learning in the classroom and digital humanities in her research.

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